Meet our new Café/Bar Curator & Manager!

While we are sad to say goodbye to Zoe Sweet, our wonderful, amazing, ebullient Café and Bar Manager, we are thrilled for her as she embarks on her next adventure: motherhood! We know she’ll have a great time working for her new boss. We’ll miss you Zoe!

We are also excited to welcome the newest member of The Theatre Centre family, Liza Paul! As soon as we sat down with Liza we knew she was the perfect fit and we are so excited to have her take over the running of the Café. With experience in the arts, events, and production and administration (as well as being an all-around amazing person) we feel pretty lucky she’s come on board.

We hope you’ll swing by the cafe, grab a coffee, and say hi to Liza, she’d love to meet you. In the meantime, read on, to learn more about our newest team member:

liza-paul-cafe-bar-manager-200first things first: i’m really excited to be here. so excited, in fact, that i wrote and rewrote this about 43 times to try to make sure i said everything i wanted to. i still don’t know if i’ve managed to do that, but the beauty of this whole new job thing is that i’ll actually be here, talking and laughing with all of you (i laugh a lot) so if my attempts at communicating in writing fail, hopefully you’ll get the idea soon enough.

i’ve worked with ciut 89.5 fm, soulpepper theatre company, the watah theatre, produced a concert featuring ernest ranglin for side door records, written for the director’s guild of canada, produced for luminato, and created, produced and performed in a show called pomme is french for apple with co-creator/producer/performer bahia watson. we’ve done that show all over the place, including the wondrous joe’s pub in nyc and a tour to the edinburgh festival fringe.

fun fact: The Theatre Centre supported pomme in a whole bunch of ways, not least of which was hosting the fundraiser we produced to raise money for our tour to edinburgh. we did a show here before there was a liquor license! this speaks volumes about how great a space it is (we have never performed anywhere that couldn’t serve alcohol: uncle bunny’s famous rum punch is a staple at our events). boozeless though they were, our fundraiser mocktails had clouds in them. amazing.

i love people and vibes and taking care of things. throwing parties, hosting friends, and creating unique, professionally presented shows are some of my life’s greatest happinesses.

one of my dreams is to run a spot where all the best shows of all kinds happen. i want great artists to have a great place to perform. a place where they feel at home, at ease, inspired. i want the guests to have a wonderful time out, an experience that feels sparkly and smooth in all the best ways. i want the lighting to be beautiful so that everyone feels good and looks good and all manner of love connections are fostered. i like people to feel like something special has happened. it doesn’t have to be fancy or ornate. it just needs to be considered. deliberate.

i have had the good fortune of both attending and performing shows in beautiful spaces, spaces where everything is considered and attention to detail is paid. the theatre centre is one of those special places. it’s a thrill and an honour to be a part of making magic happen here and i am so looking forward to welcoming you to the building.