Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators

Ontario Arts Council –
Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators

Recommender Grants for Theatre Creator, funded through the Ontario Arts Council, assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators and informal collectives of creators, in developing new work.

The Theatre Centre is happy to be the recommender for Grants for Theatre Creators again this year – applications are accepted now until November 1, 2017 (or next business day). Please refer to the criteria and application procedure below:

Artistic Criteria - we tend to recommend projects that come from:
– Artists in the early stages of their career.
– Interdisciplinary artists and creators that use space and a myriad of disciplines to advance a theatrical idea.
– Artists that use collaboration-based development practices.
– Artists showing exciting, innovative, rigorous talent.

We are looking for an inherently theatrical idea that absolutely needs space for its development.

Please submit the following by November 1, 2017 (or next business day) to be considered for Theatre Creators’ Reserve:

– A brief description of the idea;
– A statement describing how the idea fits our artistic criteria;
– A brief outline of the intended development process;
– An indication of how the money will be used (ie. special equipment, etc.)
– 3 signed copies of OAC’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators application form (available for download on here).

All application materials can be mailed to:

The Theatre Centre
P.O.Box 232 Stn C
Toronto ON M6J 3P4

or emailed to: (please use Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators in the subject line).

Please try to restrict all application materials to 2 pages in total (not including the OAC form). Electronic applications are accepted in .doc or .pdf formats. Please do not attach heavy media files to your message.

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the General & Artistic Director Franco Boni and General Manager Aislinn Rose.