Bakersfield Mist

Bakersfield Mist

Produced by ytheatre Collective

The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West
November 2–5, 2017

Tickets: Student/Arts Worker $18 | Senior $20 | Adult $25
Service charges may apply
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What is the value of validation? A dumpster diving trailer park resident comes up against the 1% represented by an elite art expert sent to validate her Jackson Pollock she purchased in a junk shop. Conflict ensues. It’s not about the painting. It’s not about the money. It’s about the prejudice.

Written by Stephen Sachs
Directed by David Eden
Starring Thomas Gough and Marie Carriere Gleason

Performance Dates
Thursday, November 2 – 8:00pm – Opening Night
Friday, November 3 – 8:00pm
Saturday, November 4 – 8:00pm
Sunday, November 5 – 2:00pm