Civil Debates 2: Arts Boards

Civil Debates continue tonight, April 1st, with a debate on the role and responsibility of Arts Boards.  We are hoping for a meaningful, insightful conversation, and an open platform for the community to express their views. To accommodate everyone, we have moved the debate to a bigger space, right next door to the Pop-Up! Thank you to our friends at Pemberton Group for generously providing the space for tonight’s debates.

Tonight’s resolution:

Be it resolved that Boards of Directors have the right and responsibility to overrule the Artistic Direction of a theatre company.

Debating in favour of the resolution: Franco Boni and Brendan Healy; debating against the resolution: Gideon Arthurs and Jini Stolk. Full bios of the debaters are here.

We will be live tweeting the debates, and you can follow all the updates right here: