New Home Updates: March-April 2013

Here is a quick recap of what has been happening at 1115 Queen West in the past few weeks:

1. We have accumulated quite a collection of safety boots and hard hats to be able to take regular trips to the construction site. Here is the snapshot of the whole collection displayed in our office:

Safety Boots and Hard Hats2. Charlie Bones came over recently to do his first inspection of the construction site – he had to gear up as well. He didn’t really warm up to the fact he had to wear a hard hat, but he was surely excited about the progress at the construction site!

Charlie Bones Comes to Visit3. Our Project Superintendent Clinton Hugh gave a quick report to Roxanne Duncan on completing the demolition phase of the project and what’s to come next. Watch this brief video to see Clinton’s interview – we will definitely be hearing more from Clinton in the coming months. Caution: a construction-site background and loud banging prominently featured.

4. Finally, here are a few photos offering a sneak peek into the our new home at the current stage of the renovation project.

In the past few weeks we have seen several things: the floor was completely removed in the main performance space to allow for reinforcing beams to come in; some cement works were done in the lower level space which will become our laboratory/rehearsal hall; and an opening was made in the west wall of the building, where a glass-walled cafe and accessible entrance will be added.

We are also absolutely loving the original sand-coloured exterior brick which can now be seen virtually everywhere in the building (see feature image above) – there is something very warm and authentic about going back to the bare bones of the space. We are hoping to keep the brick exposed wherever possible.