Pay What You Can Yoga

July 11 – 8AM • July 14 – 10AM • July 18 – 8AM
PWYC / Suggested $5
The Theatre Centre Gallery

Join us upstairs for pay-what-you-can yoga this July.

In partnership with The Condo Project and Bohemian Embassy, we’re so excited to offer three, 60-minute classes of yin yoga and meditation with neighbourhood teacher Debra Black.

To register: email or just show up!
What to bring: a yoga mat or towel, a block if you have one
(We’ll have a few mats available to borrow if you are without!)

A bit about the class: In the one hour class we will be focusing on moving Qi (energy) in your body in yin and learning about the Four Foundations of Mindfulness for Meditation. Each class will take you through a series of poses designed to stimulate the Qi in your Heart and Small Intestine meridians that are associated with the heat of summer and in Traditional Chinese Medicine said to be responsible for Circulation and Assimilation as well as joy and love. Every class will open with a mindfulness meditation session.