Eraser – RISER Project

Produced by Eraser Theatre
Presented as part of Why Not Theatre’s RISER Project

The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West
BMO Incubator
May 7–14, 2019

Tickets: General Admission $12, $20, $35, $60*
Service charges may apply
Book 416-538-0988 | PURCHASE ONLINE

*A note on ticket prices for RISER Project: In order to ensure accessibility, Why Not Theatre invites you to Pay-What-You-Can-Afford. You can pick any one of four prices—$12, $20, $35, $60—whichever suits your budget. All tickets are general admission, and there are no limits on any price level. Pick the price you can afford to pay for your ticket and book your seat.

About Eraser
A student arrives in Canada from Pakistan at the start of their Grade 6 year. Eraser, an immersive physical theatre experience, delves into the memories and fantasies of a classroom of students as they figure out who they want to be. Six performers guide the audience through six different journeys, taking them along to the cafeteria, the change rooms, and the playground; to the places where they feel safest and most brave, vulnerable and most afraid. Eraser is created for all ages.

Credits for Eraser
Written by the Company
Directors/Choreographers: Bilal Baig and Sadie Epstein-Fine
Featuring: Christol Bryan, Marina Gomes, Yousef Kadoura, Tijiki Morris,
Anthony Perpuse, Nathan Redburn

Sound Designer/Composer: Maddie Bautista
Assistant Sound Designer: Belinda Corpuz
Set and Costume Designer: Christine Urquhart
Lighting Designer: Rebecca Vandevelde
Stage Manager: Cole Vincent
Technical Director: Steph Raposo
Dramaturg: Elise LaCroix
Producer: Winnie Doyle-Marshall

Credits for RISER Project:
Production Management by Crystal Lee Chettiar
Publicity by Carrie Sager (FLIP Publicity)
RISER Project 2019 produced by Tom Arthur Davis

Performance Dates:

Tuesday, May 7 – 7:00PM Preview
Wednesday, May 8 – 7:00PM Opening
Thursday, May 9 – 1:00PM Includes 30 minute talk-back
Friday, May 10 – 7:00PM
Saturday, May 11 – 1:00PM Relaxed Performance: it will include a pre-show run-through of the show and an intro to the actors. A 30 minute talk-back will follow the show.
Saturday, May 11 – 7:00PM
Monday, May 13 – 7:00PM
Tuesday, May 14 – 1:00PM Includes 30 minute talk-back

*All performances will be semi-relaxed, with a full relaxed performance on May 11.
This means:
- Audience members will have the ability to move around as needed
- Re-entry is permitted throughout the show
- There are no sudden, loud sounds, overly bright or abruptly shifting lighting state, or blackouts
- The performance space will be constantly lit
- There will be a “chill out” area in the performance space where audience members can go to relax
- The “full” relaxed performance on May 11 will also include a pre-show run-through of the show and an intro to the actors.

About RISER Project
RISER Project is a collaborative producing model for theatre artists and companies to create and present new work. It was developed by Ravi Jain, Owais Lightwala and Kelly Read of Why Not Theatre in order to address some of the challenges of producing independent theatre in Toronto, including the high cost of production, difficulty of building audiences and inefficient use of resources and infrastructure.

RISER Project 2019 is made possible thanks to the generous support of RBC Foundation, TD Bank Group, and the Government of Canada. RISER Project was first piloted with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

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