New Home Updates: May-June 2013

Things have been busy at 1115 Queen St. West in the past few weeks, with most of the action happening on the lower level of the building, the future site of our rehearsal hall, the greenroom, dressing rooms and the company’s admin offices. Here is a quick rundown of what’s been going on:

1. Our construction team continued to dig down on the lower lever to allow for a good ceiling height in the rehearsal hall  – there were quite a few of those dirt piles!

dirt piles ws2. All that digging (and a bit of rain) unleashed some underground water gods – for a while there was even a little creek running through the rehearsal hall, and a new word has been introduced into our construction vocabulary – caisson!

Creek ws3. With all the structural changes on the lower level, the existing walls of the building had to be reinforced through a process called ‘underpinnning’:

Underpinning ws4. On the upper level, some discussions were had about how to integrate the beautiful historic vestibule into the overall design of the main perfromance space. We’ve got a set of wonderfully crafted wooden doors that open right into the main hall and although they will not serve as the main entrance into the space, we would like them to be visible – they are so beautiful to look at!

doors ws