BOBLO Ensemble for ws

BOBLO’s Sweet Dora Love

We are so thrilled that BOBLO received 5 Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations in the indie theatre category! Here is the total count of all nominations:

Outstanding Production
Outstanding Ensemble
Outstanding Set Design – Jung-Hye Kim
Outstanding Lighting Design – Rebecca Picherack
Outstanding Sound Design/Composition – Andrew Penner, Andrew O’Connor*

Congratulations to the whole BOBLO team and all 2013 Dora Nominees!

*Andrew O’Connor was mistakenly left off the nomination as sound designer with Andrew Penner, but shares this credit and nomination.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for all BOBLO nominees on June 24th, the day of the Doras, and will be thinking about good times, pennies, running wild and free, polyester uniforms and sweet memories of BOBLO.

“Brandenburg’s fluid script offers glimpses of life on the island in which stories, songs and artifacts surface, swirl and sink away….. Penner’s moving folk- and rock-inspired songs are another highlight. If the soundtrack were available, I’d have snapped it up on the spot. Kitchenband’s plays have earned them a spot next to VideoCabaret’s storied Canadian histories, and are already playing a pivotal role in what we remember about rural Ontario.” — Jordan Bimm, NOW Toronto


“An extremely compelling piece of theatre that stays with you for days. Director Steven McCarthy weaves a touching story through images, radio transmissions, movement, stunning video projections (courtesy of Elysha Poirier), and Penner’s visionary, genre-spanning music. Boblo should not be missed.”   — Carly Maga, The GridTO

Above: The Ensemble of Boblo. Photo by Abhishek Chandra.