INVENTORY – Istvan Kantor’s Fame & Fortune

Accumulated Masterpieces and Genuine Crap from Kantor’s own collection
Ex Post Facto Opera Omnia Exhibition-Theater in Constant Disorder

Self-acclaimed submerging-artist, international art criminal, immortal revolutionary and Neoist open-pop-star, Istvan Kantor Monty Cantsin? Amen! moves his storage to the Theatre Centre Pop-Up for 3 weeks as part of an “archeological excavation” deep into his own archive.

Kantor will transport works back and forth between the gallery and his storage space, clean them, photograph them, file them, and repackage them. Kantor’s main goal is to create a complete inventory of his works from 1977, the year he arrived in Canada, to date. About 35 years of accumulated visual art production will be dusted off and displayed by daily portions. Part of the white walls will be kept empty for taking pictures, while other parts will be used for displaying works without any pre-determined order, just as they come and go. This unique display is part of a major archival project that will eventually make Kantor’s entire life accomplishment available for exhibitions, publications and research, including his early mail-art to the most recent digital works, video, installation, machinery, sculpture, object, painting, text, sound, music and performance art. For him this open-house style archival documentation is also a theatrical process during which visitors can peek into his accumulated masterpieces and genuine crap, and assist the production of a new episode of his life. Some of the works will be available for purchase.

The exhibition will also feature works by guest artist Melissa Eluik.

Conceived and Directed by Istvan Kantor – Produced by Melissa Eluik

Where: The Theatre Centre Pop-Up / 1095 Queen St. West
When: July 8 – 28 / Opening reception July 11 @ 8pm / open daily 3pm – 10pm
Cost: Free
Contact: 416-844-9103

Istvan Kantor gratefully acknowledges the support of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship program administered by the Ontario Arts Council.