IMG_20200523_153349Today we are bidding a sad farewell to our wonderful Box Office & Front of House Manager, Andrea Healy. When we talk about “the organization,” we are talking about the humans that dedicate themselves to the work of The Theatre Centre, and Andrea has been an invaluable part of our team. Since the moment she started, she wowed us all with her enthusiasm, positivity, big heart, and fabulous vintage dresses. We have worked to keep our team of humans together for as long as possible, and yet, since the COVID crisis began, we have been faced with a number of seemingly impossible decisions, like this one. We know how difficult this time is for artists and arts workers facing an uncertain future, and we have you in our hearts and minds in everything we are doing right now. Andrea, thank you for everything! You’ll always have a home with us at The Theatre Centre.

In honour of Andrea’s last day, please enjoy this special edition of Alone Together.


“To stand with all of these other people, smiling, clapping, cheering to songs that feel like they are built into us, so familiar yet never learned.”

The rattle of the snare drum sounds it’s familiar raspy beat pulling the band into formation.

As the crowds gather along the streets in anticipation the sound of the approaching drums begins to fill the air. My heart begins to thump that bit harder as more drums join the snare and the clash of the symbols takes me on a journey. The gathering of all ages, children, teenagers in their packs, and older folks coming together to watch and listen.

I think when the band begins to play, a climbing of hope wells up in me. It must be a call from my ancestors, the ones who came from before and fought to keep our culture alive.

When I hear the first note blown through the horn section, the vibration shudders down my spine and I feel alive.

A wave of pride to stand with all of these other people, smiling, clapping, cheering to songs that feel like they are built into us, so familiar yet never learned.

My joy and hope spring from the sound of a marching band in the town parade, for Easter, the town fair, St. Patrick’s Day. The community in celebrating together and passing on tradition. A time for you to be with your friends. I grew up as a member of the Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore Memorial Ballygar Band (now that’s a mouthful) and that beat stays flowing through.

Until we can stand together, in a crowd again. The memories and youtube will have to do.

— Andrea Healy

Alone Together is a series of shared stories by The Theatre Centre. Over the next several weeks, our team is going to offer you some of our own personal joys, those things that nudge us, the arms that extend to us in the dark, those things that catch our hearts off guard. And we’d love to hear from you in return… what’s blowing your heart open these days?

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