Help us invent the future

As a company dedicated to the development of artists and ideas, we know that countless hours (and often years) go into the art long before opening night. Covid-19 has impacted performances but it’s also given us an opportunity to invest in what we do best: creation. This may be our most ambitious year of creation in our history as we support 16 projects led by 20 artists.

The work that we do has prepared us to navigate the unknown. It is our job to be nimble and responsive to the needs of the artists that we serve. We operate on the principle that we’re going to say yes to an artist’s ideas without knowing where they will take us. Creative innovation pushes the boundaries of art forward, and it’s only made possible by the experiments that take place behind the curtain.

Your help will support artists as they reimagine what the future may hold. When we offer artists time, space, mentorship and resources, we create opportunities for innovation. Our unique Residency program — in addition to our newly expanded Explorations and Finishing streams — encourages artists to embrace risk and chase the questions that help us imagine new possibilities.

Help us invent the future by becoming a new monthly donor and committing $5/month for the year.

What future do you want to see?

If you like the work we do but can’t contribute at this time, we understand. We hope you are able to take care of yourself and are doing ok. Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll continue to stay connected with us as we’ll be sharing some of the creative process over the coming year.

Photo credit: Rehearsal of ‘Here are the Fragments’ by Suvendrini Lena. Developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre. Photo of Peter Bailey, Allan Louis, Kyra Harper, and Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu by Kyle Purcell