New Home Updates: July-August 2013

Things are moving right along at 1115 Queen West this summer – it’s definitely not the vacation season for our construction crew!  We’ve got new concrete floors, new walls are going up, beautiful new stairs are in, and loads more activity is happening on the exterior of the building. Here are a few pictures to show you what’s been happening:

On the east side of the building, this structure is up – the team are working on buidling an internal staircase that will connect the upper and lower levels.

East side staircaseThe main entrance to our new home will be on the west side of the building – a ramp will go along the wall, providing access into the box office and into the brand-new café and lobby.

RampThis is the site of what will become a glass-walled café – we can almost smell the coffee!

CafeIn the main hall, our construction team has put together temporary stairs to be able to access the attic – they even let Franco get up there!

Attic stairs

Some of the walls in our future offices had to be patched up – we are using reclaimed brick from other parts of the building for the restorations wherever possible.

Patching up brick

Carpenters at work – the project requires loads of millwork!

Carpenters at work