New Home Updates: August-September 2013

Most of the work at the construction site in the past few weeks was about completing what had been started earlier in the summer: the external stairway on the east side of the building went up, along with the east and the south walls of the new café; the concrete was poured in the rehearsal hall and our future offices downstairs and along the western side of the building – creating a brand new, beautiful base for our new café-lobby and the accessible ramp.

All in all, there was a lot of concrete! It took about a week for the concrete to be cured – an important process that allows concrete to achieve best strength and harden fully.

The next major development happened just recently – the structural steel has arrived and we could watch the frame of the café-lobby go up literally in a few hours. Much easier to imagine how things would look now! As always, here are some photos from the site:

A whole lotta concrete – the pouring took a whole day and then some!

Concrete 1

The freshly poured ramp along the west side of the building (view from the outside of the site perimeter, because we can’t walk on wet concrete, obviously!)

Concrete - Ramp

Some important manipulations on the newly poured floors in the rehearsal hall:

Concrete - Rehearsal Hall

Let the curing begin! Franco got to walk on the curing concrete in the café and imagine where the espresso maker will be:

Curing - Cafe

The curing process requires constant hydration for the new concrete – here is how it’s done in the rehearsal hall downstairs (hint – you need a long water hose):

Curing - Downstairs

The walls of the external stairwell on the east side of the theatre are up and looking quite monumental:


And finally, the steel  frame of the café is going up and she is a beauty!

Steel Frame - Cafe