This Clement World

This Clement World

January 29 – February 2, 7.30PM
Great Hall Black Box Theatre, 1087 Queen West * NEW DATES + NEW VENUE

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This Clement World is a fiercely creative and charismatic tribute to our rapidly changing environment, as seen through the prism of Cynthia Hopkins’ deeply personal lens and wild cross-disciplinary style. Performed live with a 15-piece chorus and band, This Clement World blends outlandish fiction and original avant-folk songs with Hopkins’ own documentary footage from an Arctic expedition with Cape Farewell, infusing our global climate crisis with humour, poetics and urgency.

Written and composed by Cynthia Hopkins, directed by DJ Mendel, designed by Jeff Sugg.

Presented as part of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture Performance Series produced in partnership with Cape Farewell Foundation.

Internationally acclaimed musical performance artist Cynthia Hopkins from Brooklyn, NY writes and sings songs, records albums, and creates groundbreaking multi-media performance works that incorporate music, text, video and theatrical design to create imaginative stories that intertwine truth and fiction, blurring the lines between edification and entertainment.

Praise for This Clement World

“Cynthia Hopkins is the definition of postmodern artistry. Her work transcends single genres and mediums and defies definition.” – New York Press

“When she wraps her big, rich, soulful voice around an anthem to the beauty of the natural world or the folly of our disregard for it, the show transcends… Ms. Hopkins is backed by a seven-piece band and a chorus of eight, and the sound they collectively produce resembles the sumptuous, symphonic pop of bands like Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, and Sigur Ros.” – The New York Times

“A feast for the senses. As crisp and breathtaking as an episode of Planet Earth.” – Backstage

“A shaggy, stunning cri de coeur…” – Time Out New York