The Theatre Centre Community Campaign

We are so excited to be opening doors at our NEW HOME next year. It has been so long in the making, and we have so many people to thank for helping to make it possible. The renovation is a $6.2 million project, and The Theatre Centre has already raised 90% of these funds.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to get us past the finish line! We launched a Community Campaign on Indiegogo that will help raise critical funds for equipment in the new space – equipment that will help artists make their best work.

This campaign provides you, our community, with an opportunity to invest in The Theatre Centre’s new home. We hope you will take a moment today to make a contribution, which will enable us to continue to invest in artists and their ideas.

The Theatre Centre: Community Campaign 3 from The Theatre Centre on Vimeo.

The Theatre Centre: Community Campaign 2 from The Theatre Centre on Vimeo.

The Theatre Centre: Community Campaign from The Theatre Centre on Vimeo.



Jim Graham, Rupal Shah, Monica Esteves, Derrick Chua, Michael Murphy, Lindy Cowan, Carrie Vanasse & Kevin Helfand, Christopher Scammell, Michael Wheeler, Meredith Potter, Evalyn Parry, Elizabeth Asselstine, Marilo Nunez, Audrey Gagnon, Andrew Musselman, Dianne Weinrib, Roxanne Duncan, Christine Pellerin, Trevor Schwellnus, Jenn Goodwin, Denise Macharacek, Siobhan Kennedy, Julianne Snepsts, Claudine Domingue, Nadia Ross, Ian Carpenter, Jennifer Stein, Heather Moore, Urszula Lipsztajn, Rose Plotek, Nicolas Billon, In Honour of Pierre Billon and Johanne Archambault, Linda Barnett, Stacey Norton, Kimwun Perehinec & Jeff Lillico, Charlotte Gowdy, Scott Dermody, Kevin Gojmerac, Sally Han, Julie Tepperman & Aaron Willis, Qasim Khan, Dan Watson, Aislinn Rose, Jenny Ginder, Christopher Tyrrell, Steve Cumyn, Paula Grgurich Shewchuk, David Steingart, Bob White, Natalie Roth, Kevin Beaulieu, Cathy Gordon, Naomi Campbell, Jo Hunter, Jennifer Vickery, Eleanor O’Connor, In Memory of Jean and Bill Dugale, Billy & Hanna Wolf, Andrea Lundy, Gideon Arthurs, Gary Hall, Lisa Pijuan-Nomura, Liza Balkan, Shahnewaz Shahidi, Mike Adams, Gillian Hards, Joanna Falck, Shawn Kerwin, Kamil Bialous, Pat Bradley, Damien Nelson, Wayne Fairhead, Viv Moore, Crystal Skinner, Michael Jones, Jenn Gaudette, Stephen O’Connell, Heidi Strauss, Monnet Design, Manda Lee Kennedy, Colin Doyle, Christine Jackson, Anna Chatterton, Ian Garret, Michael Freitas, Blair Francey, Izida Zorde, Adam Paolozza, Brandon Moore, Ciara Jane Adams, Dustin Harvey, Astrida Ezergailis, Alison Lawrence, Robert Chafe, Ashley Ballantyne, Erin Brandenburg, Life of Craphead (Amy Lam & Jon McCurley), Sean O’Neill, Claire Wynveen, Sarah Garton Stanley, Nova Bhattacharya & Mark Hammond, Heather Weir, Majdi Bou-Matar, Claire Sykes, Jackie Maxwell, Marion de Vries, Kate McConnell, Dan Daley, Chris Tolley, Alan Dilworth and Maev Beaty, Jacob Zimmer, Caroline Azar, City of Craft, Scott Miller Berry, Christopher Stanton, Mark Brownell, Kelly Straughan, Juniper Locilento, Brenda Leadlay, Laurie McGregor, Kelly Robinson, Rachael Van Fossen, Andre du Toit, Andrew Templeton, Ravi Jain & Sarena Parmar, Margaret Evans, Michael Rubenfeld, Lilya Sultanova, Chris Hanratty, Lucy Eveleigh, Ryan Weston, Anonymous (10)

The list of backers is updated daily for the duration of the Community Campaign – thank you!