New Home Updates: October-November

Things have been busy as ever at the construction site, though it feels like this has always been the case! Most of the works have gradually moved into the interior of the building, and the conversations about finishes, paint colours, furniture, equipment and reclaimed wood have been plenty.


Here are a few photos from the site to keep you in the up-to-date with major construction news! In the rehearsal hall, the walls and partitions have been ‘pencilled in’ and are now gradually coming up. Very soon we will be able to walk through each of the distinct rooms on the lower level, which houses the rehearsal hall, our offices, the green room, dressing rooms, and – most exciting – brand new bathrooms!

Walls - lower level

A sneak peek into our future offices – it’s going to be cozy!

Sneak peek into the offices

On the west side of the building, our new café and lobby space is shaping up nicely. The green-roofed terrace on top of the café is no longer only in our imaginations – it’s happening! Check it out – the view is from where the new art park is going to be:

Cafe and terrace

On the east side, an extension housing a loading dock, a workshop area and a staircase has been completed and finished with the same signature red brick as the rest of the building – it blends right in!

East side extension



Here is what is currently inside the new extension – still on the rough side!

Extension - interiorThe building’s HVAC systems are being installed throughout, requiring the use of heavy machinery on site – we are excited! Here are some of the HVAC pieces ready to go in at the rehearsal hall.