New Home Updates: November-December

There is no rest for the wicked – or the incredibly talented – at the construction site this month. Here are some photos from 1115 Queen West to give you an idea of what the holiday season is like at our new home!

The glazing system has gone around the café – you can see it picking through the boards. One can but imagine how wonderful it will look all exposed and brilliant!

glazing in the cafe

The walls throughout the lower level are complete; washrooms, dressing rooms, green room, admin offices, and the box office are nearly there! Here is what the walls look like on the inside:

Lower level walls

Cozy corridors downstairs – can’t wait to see actors and patrons navigate their ways through the building!

downstairs corridors

A sneak peek at – still unfinished – but a very important spot in our new home: the green room along the east side of the lower level of the building will hopefully be enjoyed by many performers and other users of the space:

inside the green room

And here is the site of our future admin office, which will retain the open work space concept, much in the fashion of our temporary digs at the Pop-Up. There will be a bit of fighting for those spots by the windows, we imagine!

future offices

The main hall is a maze of scaffolding as major reinforcement happens in the attic before the theatrical grid goes in:

main hall scaffolding

And finally – we got a lawn! Who said we couldn’t enjoy a bit of green in December? A perfect holiday colour!