New Home Updates: December-January

2013 came and went, and what a fantastic year it was. In 2013, we were lucky to see our new home transform in so many amazing ways: walls were knocked down and built, glass was shattered and installed, brick was taken down in one part of the building and reused in another. Our construction team had to dig down in the basement and work up high in the attic, erect intricate scaffolding structures inside the building, work with all sorts of machinery on site and pose for photos when we would come over! Here is a quick photo update on what’s been happening at 1115 Queen W in the past few weeks:

Our construction hoarding had to come down in the beginning of the new year. We were sad to see it go – it featured faces of amazing people who have contributed so much to making our new home a reality, as well as artists who will make their work here. A series of peepholes allowed passersby to peek into the site and learn more about The Theatre Centre:

hoarding last days
hoarding going down
The new café and entrance lobby on the western side of the building, on Lisgar Street, is no longer boarded up and sports shiny glass floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. This new addition definitely attracts a lot of attention from people in the neighbourhood who are curious to find out more about this new, open space for the community:

cafe windows
cafe windows 2
Sometimes it is embarrassing to admit that we get overly excited about certain construction tools, or the colour of the insulation (purple, by the way), but here is something everybody is going to be excited about – brand-spanking new, shiny, pristine tiles have been installed in the washrooms (!):

bathroom tilesAnd – perhaps most amazingly exciting – please meet the grid in the main hall. It’s beautiful and looks fantastic against the original coffered ceiling of what used to be the reading room of the former Carnegie Library.

main hall ceiling gridAnd finally – on January 11 we put away all construction materials and tools and made 1115 Queen West beautiful for a day to host BOUNCE, an informal ball for The Theatre Centre. Our new home made a perfect venue for an amazing night of fun, glamour and surprise!

BOUNCE getting ready
Bounce party