New Home Updates: February

Now that we are so close to the opening of our new home next month, the works at he construction site are all about paint, finishes, and final touches to prep the building for the installation of most of the theatrical equipment in the coming weeks.

Here is a quick snapshot of what’s been going on at 1115 Queen West in the past few weeks – you will see that the spaces are being gradually cleared out, and the final look of the new Theatre Centre is almost here.

The café – which will also serve as the main point of entrance into the theatre – promises to be beautiful. Just use your imagination and picture the space filled with the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, sunlight coming through the large windows, the and the buzz of interesting conversations – we can’t wait!


The ceiling in the upper lobby has been covered up and primed for painting – take a look at what it looked like before and what it looks like now. We think that the exposed hvac ducts make it pretty cool!

Upper lobby Upper lobby ceiling

Now for the most exciting news! Sprung floor has been installed in both performance spaces in the building – the main theatre and the rehearsal/incubation space on the lower level. Check it out:

floor upstairs

floor downstairs

There is a great number of things still to be done at 1115 Queen St. West before we move to there in March – we can’t wait to try the new home on, see how it fits, load our first performance in and out, welcome out first visitors, print our first tickets and serve our first cup of coffee. Until then – we will keep pushing on!