tiger princess dance projects/
Yvonne Ng

6-9 May, 2014. 8.00PM
10 May, 2014. 4.00PM

Pre-show talks May 7, 9 (7.30PM) and 10 (3.30PM)
Post-show talk May 8
With Yvonne Ng


Two heart-stopping new works choreographed by award-winner Yvonne Ng explore identity and its fluidity, depending on the roles and relationships that surround and involve us. Attraction and repulsion, magnetism and resistance both shape us and shape how we are perceived. Created with and featuring celebrated dancers: Mairéad Filgate and former TDT artists, Linnea Wong and Luke Garwood.

Metamorphosis of a Solitary Female Phoenix
Choreography by Yvonne Ng
Performed by Linnea Wong

Magnetic Fields
Choreography by Yvonne Ng
Performed by Mairéad Filgate and Luke Garwood

With artistic collaborators: Nick Storring (Music), Simon Rossiter (Lighting), Heather MacCrimmon (Costume), Cheryl Lalonde (Set & Costume), Marie-Joseé Chartier (Creative Facilitator), Erin Robinsong (Text Outside Eye), Johanna Bergfeldt (Rehearsal Director) and Marianna Rosato (Stage Manager)

“She may be only 4-foot-10, but in the local dance world Dora Award winner Yvonne Ng (Artistic Director of tiger princess dance projects) is a giant. One of the city’s most expressive and intense dancers (is there any choreographer in the city who hasn’t used her?)” – NOW magazine.

Yvonne Ng
Yvonne is an exciting, instinctive choreographer whose work, inevitably braids her South East Asian heritage and her adopted Canadian culture, has been performed across Canada and internationally.

Yvonne is also the Artistic Director of Series 8:08 (since 1994) and the curator and presenter of dance: made in canada/fait au canada Festival (since 2001), both of which produce the work of choreographers from across Canada.

For more information visit www.princessproductions.ca.

“My work is movement based and takes my body as the subject and a starting place, drawing from the closest experience of matter that I will ever have – the insides of myself – the interior landscapes of the self.” – Yvonne Ng

tiger princess dance projects is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Metcalf Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation and our generous individual donors.

Photography by Cylla von Tiedemann. Dancers Mairéad Filgate and Luke Garwood.