Welcome Julia & Justis

An expanded space means an expanded team! We’ve welcomed two new integral members to The Theatre Centre in the past weeks: outdoor enthusiast and canoe-trip master Justis Danto-Clancy as our new Director of Facilities & Production, and actor, producer and sweetest gal Julia Nish-Lapidus who assumed the role of the Box Office and FOH Manager. We’ve asked them a few questions to get to know them better!

4 Questions for Julia & Justis:

What’s on your mind these days?

Julia: The excitement of being part of this amazing new undertaking in a city with such an incredible and supportive arts community.
Justis: On my mind these days: Neil LaBute’s play Bash. Dipesh Chakrabarty’s book Provincializing Europe and it’s ideas of the essential despair (and responsibility) of the “historian.” Those Toronto Maple Leafs.

What’s that music blasting out of your ear buds?

Julia: With the weather recently, I’ve needed some upbeat music to get my energy going. So it’s been a lot of Talking Heads. That and cheesy 90’s pop hits.
Justis: I’m listening to Nas’ album, Illmatic. One Time 4 Your Mind.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Julia: When my husband went on tour for a few months with a play, in each city he stopped in, he made sure to find a small gift for me. It ranged from a magnet, to a Korean Elvis t-shirt from Graceland. When he got home he had a huge bag of these hilarious gifts for me and it was like I had been on tour with him!
Justis: The best gift I ever received was a tree, planted in my name, in Northen Ontario

If you could live in ANY place – where would it be?

Julia: Paris, probably. I’ve always felt at home there. Though, Toronto’s really not a bad place to put down some roots.
Justis: If I could live in any place, I would live in a log cabin, on Fassett Lake in North Western Algonquin Park, with a dog, a fireplace and endless bookshelves