FEED | A BevLab Initiative

FEED is a student centred initiative designed to immerse high school students within the realm of food thought and entrepreneurship. It is the mandate of the program to create youth employment and sustainable business practises within a healthy eating perspective.

This phase focuses on the immersion of high school students within the realms of food thought and entrepreneurship. At the outset students will be trained in basic food handling skills, engage in food field trips, whether to single herd dairy farms or foraging, and exposed to the realities of food production at every scale.

Students will be partnered with emerging food entrepreneurs and will work with their mentors to consider all aspects of start-up food ventures: finances, product testing, marketing, branding, advertising, supply chain, packaging, and more.

At the end of Phase I students and their mentors will pilot a public facing space whether a pop-up restaurant, food-truck, or anything else that can be imagined.

For phase 2 students return to their high school to start up their own food business. With support from FEED and FEED partners high school food and commercial kitchen spaces that have been closed will be re-opened to function as home base for the new venture.

Visit FEED website to get the most up-to-date info on FEED events, partnerships, research methods and more.

This initiative is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Education.