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Holidays at The Theatre Centre

It’s so exciting to be starting a new year in our new home!  We had a great time celebrating the holidays here for the first time and took full advantage of the festive season.

We decorated every inch of office space possible.  And one night, we secretly stayed till the wee hours, meticulously wrapping every inch of Franco’s desk and everything on (and in) it!  He’s still working his way through unwrapping all of his belongings.

Franco's Desk









We also had our year-end Residency Showings.  This December marked the halfway point in their two year residency, where we encourage artists to create new work from scratch, or to re-imagine an old idea. Here’s a picture we snapped while Meav Beaty and Tova Smith shared what they’re working on:








Before we all took some time off to rest, we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts.  The rule was that the gifts had to be home-made; the creativity and talent everyone showed was incredible!

There were handmade wooden bookmarks:








Baked goods in the shape of moustaches:








And an incredible stop-motion video with a holiday message from some of our favourite office supplies!

We hope your 2015 is off to an incredible start and that watching this video Secret-Santa-Tiana made for Justis will brighten your day!

Night at The Theatre Centre from Tiana Roebuck on Vimeo.