The Copycat Academy

A weeklong masterclass with an absent master
A project by Hannah Hurtzig
Produced by Luminato Festival

The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West
June 21-28, 2015

Designed to engage emerging artists from diverse fields, The Copycat Academy takes the work and biography of an artist as the model for its curriculum. Over a one-week intensive learning experience, an artist’s method of production – that of the master – will be hijacked and subjected to a temporary parasitic inhabitation. The Copycat Academy participants will “ape” the master: gutting, consuming and incorporating the master. It is a critical test of thought and practice, a laboratory where 20 participants can observe the emergence of meaning while they occupy and replicate themselves in the host. It’s a masterclass with an absent master. The 2015 Academy will focus on filmmaker David Cronenberg.

Tickets: From $10
Book: 416-368-4849 PURCHASE ONLINE

Members of the public are invited to join The Copycat Academy participants for Copycat Talks, as the faculty delivers a series of lectures that expand the scope of their teaching.

Explore philosophical investigations on cannibalism and ritual anthropophagy with Dr. Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino, hear film theorist Jonathan Beller suggest that Cronenberg’s Videodrome, despite its apparently fantasmatic dimensions, is an early form of Contemporary Realism, and visit The Copycat Academy Open House to see Dr. Bojana Cvejić’s Running Commentary on Cronenberg.

Each talk is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Monday, June 22 8PM
Lecture by Dr. Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino: Inventions and Transformations of Anthropophagy in Ethnology and Brazilian Arts

Friday, June 26 8PM
Lecture by Jonathan Beller: Erotics of Computational Incorporation

Sunday, June 28 4-7PM
Running Commentary Installation (FREE)

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