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Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor

Ever wonder what Toronto tastes like? Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton, who have been creating public art projects for the better part of a decade, invite you to find out.

As part of the Luminato Festival,  they have been collecting plant life in three iconic Toronto neighbourhoods and have been hard at work at The Theatre Centre turning their finds into tasty, community-specific popsicles.

Sample these chilly treats at the Luminato Festival Hub (King St W & John St) starting at the First Night Garden Party on June 19, the Pan American Food Festival on June 21, and at the Festival’s closing night, June 28.

Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor is presented in collaboration with Why Not Theatre and The Theatre Centre.

Eric and Mia shared some pictures, videos, and anecdotes from the “Hunter, Gatherer” portion of their explorations in Toronto. Check it out below and then taste their final product at the festival!

Stay tuned for another post all about the processing and purveying of these foraged materials into tasty frozen treats.











Yellow Goat’s Beard- one of the ingredients in the Malvern popsicle- was collected in part from a meadow. We found a few of these spaces dotting the neighbourhood- open, fertile ground between houses that stretched for blocks.











While we’re out in the field, we like to look for edible plants up close and from all angles. We spend long periods of time trying to identify new-to-us plants. Our reference books are indispensable!











The mature lawns in Rosedale provided a bounty of clover.

Finding Yarrow from The Theatre Centre on Vimeo.

Finding Alfalfa from The Theatre Centre on Vimeo.

For Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor: Part 2,  CLICK HERE.

Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton are award winning interdisciplinary visual artists, facilitators, and community organizers. By combining the playfulness of childhood chums with the scrutiny of ethnographers, they create community-specific, relational, and participatory works that invite audiences to become active agents in the creation of community. Throughout the last seven years, they have developed a collaborative practice that operates in both a gallery and post-gallery context. Their projects, workshops, artist talks, and lectures have been presented in formal and DIY festivals, galleries, and post-secondary institutions throughout North America and in Europe.

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