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Sneak Peak: Teens Talk Theatre Awards Ceremony

Teens have taken over The Theatre Centre! Since February this year, Mammalian Diving Reflex’s collective of vibrant and insightful teens from all across the GTA got a taste of 21 innovative shows The Theatre Centre had to offer. Many of the teens had no background in theatre, or had watched a play for that matter. Teens Talk Theatre provided a creative and exciting way for youth to view Toronto’s fresh and creative art scene. The teens even had post-show interviews with many of the actors and directors. As part of the Teens Talk Theatre project, they will also be creating and producing an award ceremony guaranteed to be more entertaining than ‘couch potato-ing’ the Grammys. And of course, an award ceremony cannot be complete without golden trophies. The teens curated a list of awards to hand out such as “Most Emotionally Charged Play”, “Woman Crush of The Year” and “First Naked Body I’ve Ever Seen In Person”. Here’s a sneak peek of the hand crafted tokens that will be awarded at the ceremony on July 14, 2015.

- Teens Talk Theatre Jury Member, Nerupa Somasale


Teens Talk Theatre Awards (top to bottom):

Best Comedy to Confuse A Teenager
Highest Shorts Award
Most On Fleek Actress Ever / Woman Crush of the Year Award
Best Show to Bring Up The Racialized Elephant In The Room Award
Best Use Of A Tampon Looking Ghost






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