The Theatre Centre and Mammalian Diving Reflex have partnered to create an immersive program where 20 young people from across the GTA are invited to view, engage with, discuss, and critique the work taking place at The Theatre Centre. By incorporating young people into the artistic and social community of The Theatre Centre, the program develops strong relationships between two disparate populations that will economically and socially benefit both parties, while widening the arts and culture community to include young people as collaborators, artistic material, artists, and audience.

Conducted in 6-month sessions, participants attend between 4 and 6 performances at The Theatre Centre, all of which are followed by an exclusive Q & A session with the production’s cast, director, and designers. The Theatre Centre’s broad industry connections mean that the youth have the opportunity to engage with both local and international artists on a regular basis.

Participants are committed to attend 1 group Hangout each month where they share their thoughts and opinions about the performances. These Hangouts are also a time to foster their relationships with one another and to devise and develop ideas for the program’s public event series. These 3 free events will be led entirely by the participants allowing them to enhance their leadership skills as well as encourage the connection of their respective communities to the arts. In order to remove barriers to participation, The Theatre Centre provides food and transportation for all sessions and performances, as well as an honorarium upon the completion of the program. The youth are also formally recognized for 30 hours of volunteer/community service work.

Fadomo HenekeFanono
(a.k.a. Fadomo M Heneke) always sees the good in people even though she shouldn’t. Fanono is caring and loving, but mama didn’t raise no fool. According to her friends, she’s the funniest person in the world! Be like Fanono, be cool!!!
Claudia HowardClaudia Howard
I’m pretty young and old at the same time. Witnessed the fight, seen the struggle but all you need in life is love, laughter and a lot of alcohol – don’t worry, I’m of age, lol. I couldn’t live without pizza, fries, chocolate, and maybe brownies but that all falls under love I guess. It’s been a long 19 years but I really feel like I’m 49 years old (my back doesn’t bend like it used to). My sense of humour is still in tack so that’s good! Steppenwolf said I was born to be wild!
jocelynJocelyn Ye
Jocelyn is a proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants. Her favourite days are the ones where she can stay at home and watch movies all day. But don’t be fooled, Jocelyn also knows how to get out and have fun!
nanthiyaNanthiya Nanthakumar
Hey it’s Nanthiya! I’m in grade 10 and binge watch too many shows, unfortunately, it’s getting out of hand. I also love to bake with my family and friends and LOVE Baymax! balalala
jordanJordan Marshall
Jordan likes to fix his hair a lot, like he fixes his hair while he’s showering. He likes doing math, but he still sucks at it! He likes to talk. A LOT! We’re talking “Olympic talking gold medalist” talking a lot. (Hah see what I did there, said talking three times in one sentence).
AmandaAmanda Foulds
A small neighbourhood rabbit in disguise, Amanda wanders with an abundant curiosity, enjoys making art and feels warm if hugged.
StevenSteven Giang
Steven Giang is a very outgoing person. He loves to hang out with his friends during his free time, also he loves to sell and look at shoes. He is a huge sneakerhead, loves all the Jordans, Nikes, and the Adidas. Not only he is interested in sneakers, he loves to spend his time going to the gym to workout and playing sports such as volleyball and basketball. As a 16 year old Steven would like to live life to it’s fullest, and have fun along the way. Life is too short.
ThipashiniThipashini Bala
Helllloooo! I’m Thipashini! You’re probably really confused by my name, so you can call me Thip. I’m a teen living in Parkdale and I love doing stupid things and being wild all the time, basically reppin Parkdale. Anyways, I’m basically a super weird child who loves to jam out to some Drake and Rhianna while chitchatting and smiling for days.
KajianKajian Pulenthirasingam
This Armadillo is not just an ordinary Armadillo. It is actually me. ARMADILLO MAN TO THE RESCUE. Call me Kajiji ladies.
JaniceJanice Ng
Janice loves to do her nails and pretend to be a bunny. She loves to piss Steven off and cheese makes Janice very hungry. Also, she is very happy all the time.
StefanyStefany Donis
My name’s Stefany with an f and a y. I love to read but I can’t stand clichés (at least not in real life). I’ve been told I make everything a competition so watch out!
AkeesanAkeesan Jeeva
Akeesan is a smart guy. A funny guy. A guy who is as strong as Mike Tyson. I am a robot here on earth to destroy mankind. So basically, DON’T MESS WITH ME.
ShadaShada Mahdi
Chè is a mermaid who is a part of an underwater royal family. She has left her kingdom in search of the land above water. Will Chès curiosity put her in danger of the unseen land that lives above water?
Sharay Dennis
Sharay is convinced that the sky is really dry wall hastily covered in craft paint. The clouds could either be insulation or cotton balls. Further tasting is required.
ShirwaShirwa Ali
Shirwa is probably one of the shadiest people you’ll ever meet once you get to know him. He enjoys taking pictures as well as being in them and has no chill whatsoever.
Areesh AhmedAreesh Ahmed
Areesh Ahmed is in grade 9 and is 14 years old. Playing sports and cooking food is my passion. My favourite hobbies are listening to music and reading.
Ariadne Cabon Ariadne Cabon
I moved to Toronto a few years ago from Athens, Greece. Theatre has interested me from a young age and I have always been involved with theatre in one way or another, whether it be a school play or an independent project. Aside from being a Teen in Residence I’m also a playwright for the Paprika Festival.
Lasasha Nesbeth Lasasha Nesbeth
Lasasha nesbeth – age 19. Self taught artist. I sing, rap, dance, write poetry, and act. A student who makes skateboards by day, and a performer by night!