LTR *Long-Term Relationships with non-venued companies

The Theatre Centre turns 37 this year. We made it through our twenties, raised enough money for a place of our own, and now that our venue surfing years are behind us, we’re ready to commit to a Long-Term Relationship.

LTR is a unique long-term partnership opportunity that allows non-venued theatre companies to make our facility their home base for several seasons. We will provide them with space to create and produce their productions, and – most importantly – the stability to make long-term strategic planning and programming decisions.

Why Not Theatre logoSo who’s moving in? We’re a polyamorous company, so we plan to spread it around. Our current LTR partner is Why Not Theatre – an acclaimed Toronto-based theatre company with an international scope. Founded in 2007, the company has established a reputation as a company synonymous with inventive, experimental, cross-cultural collaborations resulting in shows featuring new Canadian writing, company-devised and site specific shows alongside revitalized interpretations of classics.

In November 2015, Why Not Theatre and The Theatre Centre created The November Ticket, a unique marketing and community-development collaboration of three critically acclaimed, award-winning, and independently produced shows: Butcher, We Are Proud to Present, and Late Company.

November ticket shows
2016 Why Not Theatre productions at The Theatre Centre
This year marks an even greater level of collaboration between our two companies as we take our LTR to the next level. No longer content with just sharing a drawer, Why Not Theatre has moved in and we couldn’t be happier! This spring audiences can enjoy six productions presented by Why Not Theatre at The Theatre Centre.

April 25 – May 14, 2016
Written by Nicholas Billon

Iceland_alternate_webSet against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn. Premiering as part of the 2012 Summerworks Festival, Iceland won the The Summerworks NOW Audience Choice Award, NOW Magazine Outstanding Production List, Outstanding Ensembles List and Outstanding Direction List, and won its playwright Nicolas Billon the Governor General’s Award for Drama. After successfully touring Canada and the world, Iceland returns by popular demand for a limited final run in Toronto.

A Reason to Talk
May 6 – May 14, 2016
A Why Not Theatre, Richard Jordan Productions, Saskia Liénard, Big in Belgium and KVS The Royal Flemish Theatre (Brussels, Belgium) and Kunstz co-production in association with Theatre Royal Plymouth and Summerhall

A-reason-to-talk_webIs it a story of extremes, of bi-cultural upbringing, or is it simply the story of all mothers and daughters? Sachli Gholamalizad, a young Belgian actress of Iranian descent, questions her troubled relationship with her mother. Fusing together recordings, diary excerpts, memories, novels and soundscapes from both Belgium and Iran, Sachli dives into her family’s history and the contradictions in the lives of these three women, confronting both her mother and grandmother in a thrilling and unruly multi-media performance.

The Riser Project
April 16 – May 14, 2016
In order to create more access and opportunity for artists, Why Not Theatre is looking at new ways of producing theatre in Toronto for independent artists. The RISER Project brings together a community of senior leadership and emerging artists, to support the artistic risk that independent artists must take in order to create and innovate. The model is designed to maximize existing infrastructures by sharing resources, risk and energy to reduce the producing burden on artists. The model also brings together a micro community of Senior Partners, operating companies that have larger capacity and often have been around for 20+ years. The Senior Partners contribute resources and support to the model, and over the course of the year we will facilitate long-term relationships between them and the RISER artists. The senior partners of the 2016 round of productions are Necessary Angel, Nightwood Theatre, fuGEN Theatre, Modern Times, Theatrefront and The Theatre Centre. RISER is made possible with the generous support of the Toronto Art Council’s Open Door Program and the Government of Canada.

For the 2016 round of RISER, four productions will be presented in The Theatre Centre BMO Incubator Space: Dead Roads, The Archivist, Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape, and The Other
Four Riser shows