LTR *Long-Term Relationships with non-venued companies

The Theatre Centre turns 37 this year. We made it through our twenties, raised enough money for a place of our own, and now that our venue surfing years are behind us, we’re ready to commit to a Long-Term Relationship.

LTR is a unique long-term partnership opportunity that allows non-venued theatre companies to make our facility their home base for several seasons. We will provide them with space to create and produce their productions, and – most importantly – the stability to make long-term strategic planning and programming decisions.

Why Not Theatre logoSo who’s moving in? We’re a polyamorous company, so we plan to spread it around. Our current LTR partner is Why Not Theatre – an acclaimed Toronto-based theatre company with an international scope. Founded in 2007, the company has established a reputation as a company synonymous with inventive, experimental, cross-cultural collaborations resulting in shows featuring new Canadian writing, company-devised and site specific shows alongside revitalized interpretations of classics.

In November 2015, Why Not Theatre and The Theatre Centre also created The November Ticket, a unique marketing and community-development collaboration of three critically acclaimed, award-winning, and independently produced shows: Butcher, We Are Proud to Present, and Late Company.

November ticket shows