Opus Lux

Opus Lux

Presented by Red Line Collective in association with Dreamwalker Dance Company

The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West
July 16 – 17, 2016

Join us for two unique development showings.
PWYC admission at the door.

Opus Lux is an anomaly. It is not quite theatre, dance, drama, installation, film, nor concert, and yet Opus Lux incorporates all of these disciplines in surprising ways. It is an opera of light.

The rig of lighting instruments is a palette that the percussionist “plays,” and the playing of the lights is also the generation of sound.

And the heroic theme? The heroine’s descent to the Otherworld.

Lighting and Direction by David Duclos
Music by Richard Windeyer and Aaron Friend-Lettner
Choreography by Andrea Nann
Videography by Cam Davis
Poetry by Margot Lettner
Danced by Katherine Duncanson, Yuichiro Inoue* and Sahara Morimoto
Dramaturgy by David Friend
Stage Managed by AJ Morra
Technical Direction by Bob Greene
Produced by Sue Balint

* Sunday’s presentation only

Saturday, July 16 – 8:00pm – PWYC
An immerisve, participatory, laboratory showing of the Opus Lux design palette
Sunday, July 17 – 2:00pm – PWYC
A development showing of the team’s work to date