Dance Card

Dance Card

Eight Companies Under One Roof

Sharp-edged. A treasure. Vigorous and intense. Redolent with disturbing beauty. Dynamo. These are some of the words which have been used to describe the work of the eight celebrated dance companies which, by some happy coincidence, are all renting our space at some point this year to present their creations.

We are excited and honoured to host these renowned Canadian dance artists here at The Theatre Centre, where we have never before had occasion to present such a wealth, and such a range, of this form of live performance.

Together with our dance partners, adelheid, Public Recordings, Kẹmi Contemporary Dance Projects, Nova Dance, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Compañía Carmen Romero, Kaeja d’Dance, and MOonhORsE, we’ve created the Dance Card to encourage you to see the work of an artist you’ve never encountered.

Fill your Dance Card with a 3 or 5-show package and get over 40% off the price of individual tickets! In the spirit of adventure, enhance your experience with our exclusive Wild Card deal: add an extra show to your package and we’ll pick it for you from amongst any other show happening at The Theatre Centre this year. Relax, and leave the planning to us!

Please scroll down for an overview of the stirring and beautiful work on offer or read the PDF for all the details. For ticketing and pass information click here.

what it’s like
Co-produced by adelheid and The Theatre Centre
September 21–October 2, 2016
what it's like

what it’s like uses brotherhood to consider personal, situational, and systemic engagement. It walks the audience through a series of experiences, inviting questions about comfort, agency, complicity and responsibility.
How responsible are we for each other?
How are we here, together?

Co-produced by DanceWorks CoWorks and Kẹmi
January 11–14, 2017
Meet Kittly, a product of simpler days. Cold and alone, she is famished for kinship in a time of ultra-connected individuals touching across frozen lakes of data. We find her trapped in a dank grotto where she has slipped through unseen cracks in the struggle to choose between real solitude and virtual community. The more Kittly hears her own voice, the better for her and all of us.

Infinite Storms
Produced by Nova Dance
January 26–29, 2017
Infinite Storms
Five women ride the physical and emotional storms that surge within us.

Award-winning choreographer Nova Bhattacharya’s new work is a revealing investigation into the uneasy alliance between the mind and body. Featuring Bhattacharya and four of Toronto’s most mesmerising dancers—Kate Holden, Molly Johnson, Atri Nundy and Malar Varatharaja—Infinite Storms ecstatically embraces all of the hurts and joys that life has to offer.

Produced by Peggy Baker Dance Projects
February 21–26, 2017
SplitScreen is a supercharged evening of four dances that each present two distinct but synchronous lines of action.

Featuring five of the most extraordinary dancers on the Toronto scene—Peggy Baker, Ric Brown, Sarah Fregeau, Kate Holden, and David Norsworthy—the program includes the sumptuous solo from locus plot; Yang, simultaneous and hyper-athletic solos for two men; Split Screen Stereophonic, a high-intensity double duet that contrasts the dynamics and tensions of two couples; and epilogue, a meditation on absence and loss performed by Peggy Baker and Philadelphia-based guitarist Tim Motzer.

With Dora Award-winning lighting from Montreal’s Marc Parent, as well as music from the trans-Atlantic electronica chamber duo Knuckleduster and Belgium’s Thierry de Mey, SplitScreen is a visual and sonic tour-de-force from one of Canada’s most inventive and celebrated dance artists.

Produced by Compañía Carmen Romero
March 16–19, 2017
A woman grieves the loss of her father; through letters, photographs, and talismans, she encounters the mysteries of who he was. Jacinto is a contemporary flamenco performance that evokes a man, his daughter, and the scars they both carry. A dance in search of catharsis, Jacinto examines the dark angel within each of us: the black crow inside one’s heart, the pain that is passed from generation to generation. It lies dormant in us. But if we release it, it can free what we keep buried: it dances out the fear.

Seductive, volatile and unnerving, this is a new solo dance-theatre work by one of Toronto’s and Canada’s most powerful flamenco artists.

Produced by Kaeja d’Dance
May 9–20, 2017
At the forefront of contemporary dance for over 25 years, internationally acclaimed Kaeja d’Dance, returns with a stunning program of works by co-Artistic Directors, Karen and Allen Kaeja.

Revisiting Karen’s smash hit, CRAVE, and Allen’s exhilarating new work, DEFIANT, this program features all the hallmarks of the Kaeja aesthetic—sensual articulation, athletic intensity and theatrical imagery.

CRAVE is: poignant, romantic, whimsical and chaotic—a duet that mines intimacy while navigating loneliness, unsettledness, and the hope that keeps us hanging on. Sarah Shugarman’s stunning score will now be brought to life by a live string quartet. As part of the pre-show, audience members are invited to join Dance With Me, an intimate dance on stage with a partner, friend, or stranger—the perfect prelude to CRAVE.

DEFIANT is: brutal, visceral, sensual and provocative. Combined with an original score by Edgardo Moreno, it harnesses the intense physicality of seven Kaeja dancers—featuring Karen Kaeja. This new work delves into light within darkness, the resonance of rebellion, and the beauty of failure.

Produced by MOonhORsE Dance Theatre
May 9–20, 2017
Cloud 9
Cloud 9, produced by MOonhORsE Dance Theatre, raises the artform to new heights in commissioned works by Lina Cruz and DA Hoskins for some of Canada’s most revered older dancers.

Lina Cruz’s Room #7 is a space-time for three intriguing females, evolving as characters of a comic strip. Legendary performers Louise Bédard, Karen Kaeja and Claudia Moore are a territorial trio, revealing themselves as unusual heroines claiming the right to their small chaotic world, a world including their stage confidant, musician-performer Philippe Noireaut.

DA Hoskins, an artist who thrives on the vitality and expressive immediacy of dance, creates a potent reflection of the self, personally and collectively, in Bird Nesting in Fingers in Bloom. DA’s quartet for Cloud 9 is a potent exploratory landscape—a collision of experience that binds the players’ bodies in a sharing of understanding, a wisdom that renders the illuminations of the self, tactile.

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Plus a special offer from Public Recordings:

Produced by Public Recordings
November 24–27, 2016
$10 tickets available until November 1st!
Please note CAPITALIST DUETS is not a part of the Dance Card.
Capitalist Duets
Because there is only so much to go around. Or is there?

CAPITALIST DUETS is seven, independently-authored duets performed simultaneously as an unaffected spectacle, complete with merchandise table. There is no composer, no architect, no central authority–only the radical aesthetic modulation of fourteen paired-off performers, each holding tenuously to the logic of their own creation.

CAPITALIST DUETS concludes a three-year experiment to devise a group work responding to the commodity-status of contemporary performance. It’s an endlessly re-scalable art-product fit for the practical anarchy of business-as-usual.