Newcomer Initiative

Help Support The Theatre Centre’s Newcomer Initiative

With the recent wave of Syrian newcomers to Canada, The Theatre Centre and CultureLink saw a unique opportunity to not only welcome people to Toronto but to also provide them with a community connection in a way that is specific yet meaningful. We also saw a chance to help newcomers gain employable skills as they build their new lives in Canada.

To learn more about the initiative and how you can help support the program please watch the video below or head over to our Fund What You Can campaign.

Beginning this autumn, The Theatre Centre’s Café/Bar will serve as a training facility for one newcomer at a time. In three-month cycles, we will work with newcomer trainees as they learn hands-on job skills such as barista techniques, bartending, food handling, and customer service. By engaging with the stream of artists and patrons that come through our building, each newcomer will gain the invaluable opportunity to practice their language skills and gain confidence in their ability to enter the workforce.

It is a small but meaningful contribution that will provide newcomers with a springboard to future employment as well as an organic way to expand their networks. Beyond job training, each newcomer will attend subsidized shows and interact with the associated creative teams. Our hope is that they can bring their learnings back to their community to share with their family and friends. We likewise hope to learn about their own artistic and cultural practices, and connect their knowledge with the artists practicing in our building.

Our goal is to help each newcomer discover a welcoming and inclusive community that they can rely upon for belonging and support.

How You Can Help
We are currently running a campaign through Fund What You Can to raise the funds necessary to launch this program. All money raised will go directly towards each newcomer’s salary during their time with us.

Every little bit counts!

You can be a champion of our Newcomer Initiative by donating to the campaign with an amount that is meaningful to you. As our thanks for your generosity, we’ve put together an array of exciting perks to suit your interests!

Please check our Fund What You Can page for more information and to donate today!

Together, we can make a difference in a newcomer’s life by welcoming them into a community that will help them establish skills and knowledge that will serve them for years to come.