Civil Debates

A monthly series co-produced by Praxis Theatre and The Theatre Centre

The Theatre Centre Pop-Up at 1095 Queen West
March, April and May 2013

The Issues
The community can suggest topics for the debates on January 12 and 13 at the Next Stage Festival tent at Factory Theatre. Sticky notes and a laptop will be available so that patrons and arists are able to post issues they believe would benefit from debate and suggest debaters. We hope four important questions for the debates will emerge from this exchange.

Debate Format
Two speakers from opposite sides of an argument debate their perspectives in front of a live audience. Debate format is based on the Canadian Parliamentary model with two speakers for either side. Each debate will have a moderator to ensure debaters obey the general rules as well as the speaking format. The formal debate will last around 40 minutes.
At the end of the debate, the floor will be opened to other participants, each of whom can speak for a period of two minutes. All participants will be provided the opportunity to register their vote on the topic at the conclusion of the evening. The results will be posted on

Join the Debate
If you are interested in being a debater or moderator, drop us a line. Tell us why critical, respectful debate is important in 150 words or less.
Join us at the Next Stage tent during the final weekend of the festival to suggest your debate topics.