Loss: In Isolation

still from a video: hands rest softly on a yellow floral patterned dress.

This interactive installation, curated by Oddside Arts collective members, offers a space for reflection, dialogue, and anonymous empathy with others while examining the often unspoken experiences in Afro-Caribbean familial culture.

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Ian, a Black man with a cropped beard, sits on a chair holding red hibiscus flowers planted inside a cracked kintsugi bowl. He is wearing a Black sweater and red hat in front of a white photo backdrop.

An electrifying and unfaithful take on Sophocles’ classic Greek tragedy, this 200 bpm adaptation blends techno, despair, and family politics. One goat and a pack of jackals navigate global displacement while we witness the failure of democracy and subsequent hope for revolution. A thought-provoking and fierce exploration of justice, power, and the human spirit.

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