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nurturing the next generation of creative producers

The CPTP ran for two years from 2019-2021.  

A Creative Producer is ideally present from the early stages of a project. The role straddles the realms of management and creation throughout the entire process from initial concept, to development, through to production and even onto touring.  This allows them to apply their intimate knowledge of the work being developed to build creative capacity, rigorously supporting the artist throughout each phase of development.

As a leading incubator and producer of new work, The Theatre Centre was uniquely positioned to offer a Creative Producer the opportunity for on-the-job training and mentorship, working closely with a number of artists whose projects are all at different stages of development, production, and touring.

The goal of the program and our hope for the artistic community at large is that the practice of creative producing becomes more widespread and benefits the work being created and produced across the country.

creative producers


In addition to working closely with The Theatre Centre’s Artistic Director Aislinn Rose, and Producer, Alexis Eastman, the Creative Producers also had regular access to several experienced external mentors including Judy Harquail and Leslie McCue.

"When I got to The Theatre Centre all I had was the seed of an idea. That idea has slowly grown, moved in many directions, sped up and slowed down, and weathered some storms. The Theatre Centre has stayed the course, sheltered my idea at times. I'm not sure where else an artist like me would have found the kind of long-term support that would enable my idea to blossom."
Ian Kamau
Ian Kamau
Residency Artist

The Creative Producer Training program was generously supported by:

Header: Secret Life of a Mother in rehearsal. Photo by Kyle Purcell