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Tracy Wright Global Archive

The Tracy Wright Global Archive was a project from 2014 – 2019 that inspired artists to explore a burning question and contemplate a new direction in their work by engaging deeply with communities and locations across the globe, seeking answers to their questions and inspiring new directions in their practice.

The program was named after the beloved Canadian artist Tracy Wright, who believed that exposure to travel and communities around the world is crucial for the development of artistic practice.

Tracy was an amazing actor and creator, who worked in theatre and film, and was a founding member of the Augusta Company. Sadly, Tracy passed away in 2010. She had a long history with The Theatre Centre–early work by the Augusta Company, formed by Tracy, Don McKellar and Daniel Brooks, was presented here. We named the program after her because of her belief that international travel and experiences are central to building a great career as a theatre creator. Tracy fully embraced the notions of artistic risk and her fearlessness and belief in rigorous process were incredibly inspiring.

After her passing, Jon Kaplan and Glenn Sumi wrote a tribute to Tracy that gives us an idea of who Tracy was and the impact her work had on the community. “You’d first be caught by the soulfulness of her eyes, the clear, insightful gaze that reached right inside you and commanded–though gently–your attention…” Tracy continues to inspire us today and to inspire artists to ask questions and take risks, wherever that may lead.

past participants

Since its launch in 2014, 8 artists, who represent a diversity of practice, have travelled to different locations around the world.

Yvette Nolan, Sky Gilbert, Jani Lauzon, Marcus Youssef, Denise Fujiwara, Nadia Ross, STO Union, Kim Collier & Daniel Brooks

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