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Break-Up Diet

Produced by Angus Blue Productions

The Break-Up Diet was first performed as a forty-minute experimental piece on a short tour with Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene) in 2018. It debuted as a full-length production at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2019 where it was awarded the Adams Award for best script. It received 5-star reviews from Now Magazine and was a top-six pick in the Toronto Star. The production then travelled to the Edmonton Fringe and played at The Paradise Theatre in Toronto in Jan 2020.

Then …..well…

The Break-Up Diet is back aptly as a solo show, performing at The Theatre Centre to raise funds for Edinburgh Fringe 2024.

So what is the Break-Up Diet?  It’s not a musical, drama, comedy, tragedy or a thriller. It doesn’t fit into a tidy box. It’s a ride of lies, love, panic attacks, and audacity mixed in with some dry slices of Brit wit. Alternative songs soundscape the monologues and punctuate the endings of scenes. The original film element allows you to dream and have a moment to ponder. The Break-Up Diet is unique. It pushes boundaries and you may feel uncomfortable from time to time because chances are you have lied in a relationship. Either to yourself or to your partner.

Tamara Williamson is a captivating storyteller who likes truth. A published author (Mirror Horse, Douglas and McIntyre 2023) award-winning playwright, successful painter and touring musician, she weaves her creativity into various forms, blending her immense passion for the arts with wavering dedication.

Described as an artist’s artist, Tamara’s work resonates deeply with those who push limits. She has an expansive repertoire of recordings available with her former band Mrs. Torrance (BMG) and has released eight albums under her name (Aporia, Ocean Music). Her performances can be loud or thoughtful and she is known for her extensive use of vocal looping and layering.  She’s toured the globe with alternative rock bands, performed on television in Europe and Canada, sang on stadium stages and even performed at The Woodpile. She’s done quite a lot. And now she is here.

This is a one-woman show but Heather Cook Scala is behind the scenes as Project Manager.


Inventor and performer: Tamara Williamson
Production Management: Heather Cook Scala

July 4, 2024
to July 7, 2024

Tickets are Red Dress Rehearsal, Thursday Show $25 | Friday Show $30 | Saturday Show $30 plus Q&A mediation $30 Sun Matinee.


BMO Incubator

Performance Dates

Thursday, July 4 – 7:30pm
Friday, July 5 – 7:30pm Opening
Saturday, July 6 – 7:30pm with Q&A
Sunday, July 7 – 4:00pm Matinee

This performance is 70 minutes