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On May 29, 2016

Tickets are FREE and accessible


The Theatre Centre

Performance Dates

May 29, 2016 – 2:30pm


Co-presented by The Theatre Centre and Whippersnapper Gallery

Please join at The Theatre Centre for a discussion featuring artists Deanna Bowen and Abbas Akhavan and facilitated by Joshua Vettivelu. DAMNED IF YOU DO: A Conversation on the Politics of Refusal is a conversation that aims to investigate the often tricky negotiations ‘marginalized’ artists must make when navigating neo-liberal art and funding systems, where inclusion is often based on a mandated disclosure/performance of identity politics.

These two engaging artists will present a dynamic conversation about the ways in which they have manoeuvred different socio-political art spaces, with thoughts specifically geared towards the position of artists who are early on in their careers and just starting to engage with some of these questions.

We hope that you can come and participate in this discussion. If you cannot attend, we would appreciate it if you could share within your networks.

The framework for this conversation was generated through Whippersnapper’s current group of PEERS residency program. To find out more, click here.

To download the event poster, click here.

Visit the Facebook event page here

* Image courtesy of the Abbas Akhavan