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On Minors, Movement, and the Gathering of Data

Presented by The Theatre Centre

The Observer Effect
A short animated film & immersive installation by Nehal El-Hadi and Coco Guzmán

The observer effect occurs when the act of observation itself disturbs what is being studied. As we move through the city, it’s inevitable that our movements are tracked and recorded on several different cameras. There are cameras everywhere now, designed to observe, monitor, capture, and survey life in public space, ostensibly for the purposes of crime deterrence and investigation. The cost is not only our privacy but our freedom to simply exist. And what of the information that is collected? Our likenesses, movements, moods, and emotions are transformed into data, and the long-term implications and applications of this are unknown.

Experience note: The Observer Effect will screen in person as a 360° immersive experience alongside The Shining Lake by Lorena Torres Loaiza in the Franco Boni Theatre. Capacity for each screening is limited. Once you’ve reserved a ticket, a patron experience representative will be in touch to schedule a specific screening time between 12-9:30 pm EST. The Likewise Madam Mirror will be available to watch online only at from May 9-15, 2022.

The Surveillance of Minors in Public Spaces (May 11)
A conversation with Yusra Khogali and Siobhán O’Flynn on the surveillance of  minors in public urban space

Smart city data collection, in conjunction with enhanced surveillance technologies employed by police services, has meant that our information is being collected as we move through the city. The implications are chilling when we consider that the information of children and youth moving through the city is also being collected, processed, and sometimes sold. It’s time to sound a clarion call to consider the rights of minors in the city. And especially the rights of racialised children and youth, who are facing both historic marginalization in the city and the new threats to their safety posed by surveillance technologies and algorithmic bias.

Experience note: The artist has been thoughtful & intentional about the experience for audiences both in the theatre and at home. Because we have programmed this as an evening of activities, we don’t have exact start and finish times. We would love it if you could join us for the whole evening, but if you are unable, we anticipate On Minors, Movement, and the Gathering of Data beginning at 7:30 p.m. EST and Grin beginning at 9:45 p.m. EST and will do our very best to adhere to these start times on the night. We recommend the following for this at home experience: 

  • The cinematography in Grin is best viewed in a dark room or non-bright spaces
  • Have your favourite snack or beverage nearby 
  • Stay tuned to @thetheatrecentre on Instagram for updates on the nightly signature cocktail by Aislinn Rose that you can make at home!


Created by Nehal El-Hadi and Coco Guzmán
The accompanying soundtrack is by Selah Weekes a.k.a. selah you did that?
Panellists: Yusra Khogali and Siobhán O’Flynn


ASL will be available for most performances. The Theatre Centre is a physically accessible venue with barrier-free washrooms on each floor and a lift for public use.
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From May 11, 2022
to May 13, 2022

Tickets are FREE — donations happily accepted.


Franco Boni Theatre, online, gallery

Performance Dates

May 11 @ 7:30 pm – ONLINE
May 11 @ 7:30 pm – IRL
May 13 @ 1-2 pm, 7-8pm + between The Shining LakeIRL

This performance is a screening of the 3 minute film followed by an hour long panel discussion. On May 13, come by the theatre to screen the film in rep with The Shining Lake, in the immersive installation.



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