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A Fundraiser: Daughter by Adam Lazarus Performed by Anybody But Adam Lazarus

Produced by Quiptake Theatre

This fundraiser is only for audiences 16+.

Join us for a live staged-reading of Daughter by five different performers every night – you’ve never seen the show like this before!

To help raise money for Adam’s next mind-blowing show, we’ve gathered a group of friends to help us answer the age-old question: what is Daughter when read by someone else?

All ticket sales will go toward development costs for a new work by Adam Lazarus & Guillermo Verdecchia, directed by Ann-Marie Kerr, with lighting design by Michelle Ramsay and Projection and Sound Design by David Mesiha.

Told with unsettling charm, Daughter is a darkly satirical monologue about fatherhood, love and toxic masculinity, Daughter was co-created by Adam Lazarus, Ann-Marie Kerr, Melissa D’Agostino and Jivesh Parasram. It premiered at The Theatre Centre in November 2017.

Artists Reading on June 20:
Amanda Cordner
Melissa D’Agostino
Tanja Jacobs
Ann-Marie Kerr
Jiv Parasram
liza paul
Guillermo Verdecchia
Artists Reading on June 21:
Lisa Karen Cox
Colin Doyle
Arjun Kalra
Ann-Marie Kerr
Graham Isador
Jiv Parasram
Guillermo Verdecchia
Artists Reading on June 22:
Maev Beaty
Brendan Healy
Chase Jeffels
Craig Lauzon
Aislinn Rose


The Father: Tanja Jacobs, Melissa D’Agostino, liza paul, Ann-Marie Kerr, Amanda Cordner, Graham Isador, Jiv Parasram, Colin Doyle, Lisa Karen Cox, Maev Beaty, Aislinn Rose, Guillermo Verdecchia, Brendan Healy & more! Thank you to: The Theatre Centre staff & team!

June 20
to June 22, 2024

PWYC $10 | $20 | $50 | $75 | $100


Franco Boni Theatre

Performance Dates

Thursday, June 20 – 8PM
Friday, June 21 – 8PM
Saturday, June 22 – 8PM

This performance is Approximately 120 Minutes