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From December 14
to December 17, 2020



Digital Residency Showings: A Series

It’s been a wild year. Nothing is as it was and we can’t stop now. Join us for The Theatre Centre’s first-ever Digital Residency Showings: A Series.

From December 14–17, pop into the Zoom room from 5:30–7PM EST and see what the artists have been up to.

Hosted by Aislinn Rose and Liza Paul, each night will feature four of the incredible projects in Residency. Scenes, readings, questions, totally made up on the spot conversations—anything can happen (and that’s exactly how we like it). We wish we were together, so let’s pretend we’re in the cafe—pour a drink, grab a snack, make yourself at home (cuz let’s be real, you probably are).

Stop by for one night, two nights, three nights, or more, and join us for a holiday toast on the closing (night four)!

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Monday, December 14, 2020





Victoria Mata Soledad / Cacao | A Venezuelan Lament
Stewart Legere / The Unfamiliar Everything
Prince Amponsah & Viktor Lukawski / LIMBS
Thomas McKechnie / Anticapitalist Ritual Magic

Tuesday, December 15, 2020





Milton Lim & Patrick Blenkarn / asses.masses
daniel jelani ellis / Iris Malcolm Housing Co-Op
Rimah Jabr / Broken Shapes
Adam Lazarus / Bouffon

Wednesday, December 16, 2020





Nehal El-Hadi / Untitled
Lorena Torres Loaiza / Pandora in the Box
Nikki Shaffeeullah & Neema Bickersteth / Black Paris
Ian Kamau / Loss

Thursday, December 17, 2020





Anand Rajaram / The Monster from Inside the Third Dimension
Jennifer Tarver / Bear Witness
Brandon Ash-Mohammed / Untitled One Person Hip-Hopera
PJ Prudat & Jonathan Seinen / À la façon du pays

Followed by…

(at 7ish, following the final showing)
These days, we are really into Kawartha Dairy Eggnog: Canadian-made and DELICIOUS. Enjoy it over ice either on its own or with a splash of something boozy: dark rum, brandy, bourbon—whatever’s clever. You can even give it a sprinkle of nutmeg or add a cinnamon stick if you wanna be fancy like that. (We are not sponsored by Kawartha Dairy. But maybe we should be.)

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RSVP for each night you can attend. You will receive the Zoom link upon confirmation as well as in the email reminder we will send the day of each showing.