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An Afternoon of Jazz

Hosted by Dennis Passley

In Celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month, we’re bringing a FREE & Family Friendly afternoon of Jazz performances!

The Theatre Centre presents Eucalyptus and Yansi Alexavier Quintet in the Franco Boni Theatre! Eucalyptus is led by acclaimed saxophonist and composer Brodie West. Yansi Alexavier Quintet draws inspiration from Lester Bowie and Don Cherry, but presents their modern and unique twist.

RSVP to secure your spot! Entry will also be available at the door, subject to availability.

An Afternoon of Jazz is part of The Theatre Centre’s 10 for 10 programming (ten unique offerings over ten months) that was launched by our recent 10 for 10 Launch Party in March. The music for this performance is funded by the Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Fund and The Theatre Centre in cooperation with Local 149, Toronto, Canadian Federation of Musicians.


Host: Dennis Passley:
Dennis has been working as a professional creative for the better part of the last 20 years. Most of his work has been while playing saxophone on various projects that cross genres. Dennis has been hellbent on redefining the role of saxophone in mainstream music and has been working diligently on the release of his newest project entitled ‘The Big Band Theory’.

Act 1 – Eucalyptus:
Toronto-based octet Eucalyptus has been steadily gathering a devoted cult following since the release of their debut 10” Eeeeeuuucaaaaaaallyyypppptus in 2012. Led by acclaimed saxophonist and composer Brodie West, the band’s languid, kaleidoscopic jazz is very much a collective endeavour, the product of an internal network of improvisational synergy they’ve built over more than a decade together.

“Alto saxophonist/composer Brodie West makes music that’s both exploratory and engaging, growing from varied experiences playing jazz and its transmutations in Toronto and further afield… The entire LP testifies to West’s artful concision”

— Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote, on Kick It Till You Flip It

Act 2 – Yansi Alexavier
Yansi Alexavier is a trumpeter who draws inspiration from Lester Bowie and Don Cherry, but presents their modern and unique twist.

April 27, 2024

Doors open at 2pm.

to April 27, 2024

FREE & Family Friendly! RSVP required


Franco Boni Theatre

Performance Dates

This performance is 3 hours.