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Mukashi, Mukashi

(Once Upon a Time)

Presented by CORPUS

Conceived and directed by CORPUS artistic director David Danzon, Mukashi, Mukashi explores two iconic characters of Western and Japanese folklore: The Wolf and the Crane. Both carry deep roots in the collective consciousness of each culture. Their unlikely meeting sets the stage for a conflictual then harmonious relationship that blossoms through a transformative journey. The work uses traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms (Origami, Kyōgen, Bunraku, Manga), mixed with old and newer Western practices such as pantomime and the comedy traditions of Looney Tunes and TV talk shows.

Like all of CORPUS’ work, Mukashi, Mukashi will speak to children and adults alike. It introduces the poetic and intriguing world of Japanese folk tales and blends it with the dark and comedic undertones of western fairytales, all with a CORPUS twist and cross-cultural sensibility.

This co-production between CORPUS and The Kio Company premiered on September 19th 2023 at the Toyooka Theatre Festival in Toyooka, Japan.


Director: David Danzon
Created with the Ensemble: Kohey Nakadachi, Sakura Korin, Takako Segawa, Kaitlin Torrance
Lighting and Set Design: Yann Becker
Costume Design: Atsuko Kiyokawa
Costume Assistant: Moe Nakatani
Music Composition and Sound Design: Anika Johnson
Additional Choreography: Matt O’Connor
Stage Management: Chika Fuseya
Assistant Stage Manager: TBC
Dramaturge: Carolin Lindner
Graphic Design: Carolin Lindner
Producer: Janin Goldman
Assistant Producer: Eudes Baudrillart

Co-produced by CORPUS and The KIO Company

For media inquiries, please out to Katie Saunoris | KSPR [email protected]

September 24
to 29, 2024

Preview: Pay What You Can | Regular $44.50 | Arts Worker/Student/Senior $20.50

This performance is 60 minutes


Franco Boni Theatre

Performance Dates


Tuesday, September 24 8pm

Opening Night:

Wednesday, September 25 8pm
Thursday, September 26 8pm (Post show talk back with Director and Cast)
Friday, September 27 8pm
Saturday, September 28 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, September 29 2pm

The performance is presented in English and Japanese with English surtitles.