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From March 13
to April 12, 2018


gallery, The Theatre Centre

Performance Dates

Monday–Friday 8AM–4PM
Saturday/Sunday 9AM–5PM


Exhibition by Gabrielle Lasporte

Presented by The Theatre Centre

Océanides series was conceived as a visual exploration of the human experience by delving into water. Water, an essential for human survival, widely signifies healing and regeneration.

Océanides.retumbled is an exhibit and visual installation that incorporates most of the original Océanides series along with installation of batik bubbles. It aims to explore the concept of being present and mindful. To breathe and re-centre when the outside macro of our universe affects us too much. By doing this, we are not only able to cope with the stresses, acknowledge our emotions but also find a flow within ourselves so that we may be our true selves.

In this series, Gabrielle explores the beauty of this natural force as a mirror for our lives. As we live each day, emotions influence our growth through highs and lows. Just like the movement of water and the cycles of waves caused by external forces, we are destined to live this cycle over and over again. The many layers of dyes within each piece provide yet another metaphor for the layers of emotions, realizing how embracing them is ultimately our empowerment.

The Theatre Centre is a barrier-free accessible location.