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The B-Side: Portal

Luis Carlos Barragán and Lorena Torres Loaiza

Presented by The Theatre Centre in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre

Open and closed at once, Portal was made by combining modern digital painting and an old projection setup. It’s meant to be an invitation to a whole lot of questions: What kind of art will technology enable us to have? In time, how limited will art be without cutting-edge technology? How many (and which) artists will have the resources to continue creating as time goes on? And, once we’ve discovered new possibilities, who / what is there waiting for us? How will embracing new art forms change us and what we have to say?

Luis Carlos Barragán studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia and holds a MA in History of Islamic Art from the American University of Cairo. He is a writer and illustrator specializing in science fiction.

Lorena Torres Loaiza is a Colombian Canadian creator, working in theatre, comics, genre fiction, and visual art. She likes flawed characters solving problems and granadillas.


Illustration by Luis Carlos Barragán
Installation design by Lorena Torres Loaiza


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From May 9, 2022
to May 15, 2022

Tickets are N/A — open to the public, just stop by!





Hybrid by Design is made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now Fund, and the Department of Heritage Canada Arts Presentation Fund.