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From December 9
to December 17, 2015


The Theatre Centre

December 9 & 17 at 7pm

Residency Showings

Join us on December 9 & 17 for our Residency Showings and see what some of our residency artists have been up to!

The Theatre Centre’s Residency Program is a two-year program designed to support artists in developing new work. The program facilitates a highly collaborative artistic process that embraces experimentation and learning with a wide variety of collaborators.

Residency showings are free events.


Hannah Moscovitch, Maev Beaty, Tova Smith & Ann-Marie Kerr
Secret Lives of Mothers is a theatrical investigation of the gothic side of modern maternity, inspired by interviews with 75 mothers and born out of the long-term friendship of the three performers. A new play offering counter-narratives of pregnancy and child-bearing: the hidden stories, the ones only shared in hushed tones.

Heidi Strauss / adelheid
Heidi is a Toronto-based choreographer and performer and Artistic Director of adelheid. In Residency, Heidi is working on what it’s like [ a new work in development ], in which three men in a wide open space contend with notions of brotherhood. Without evoking a specific narrative,what it’s like uses movement, language and sound to explore what happens when we are sensitive to where we are, and who is with us.


Jess Dobkin 
Jess Dobkin is an internationally-renowned performance artist. In Residency Jess will focus on developing a 12-hour durational piece that addresses rape and the artist’s personal history. Jess’ collaborators include Stephen Lawson and Atom Cianfarani.
Twitter: @jessdobkin

Dan Watson & Christina Serra
Dan and Christina are parents searching for a way to unlock their disabled son’s voice. Tony is a non-verbal adult with lots to say. Liz is his able bodied partner. Through a series of staged conversations and theatrical reenactments, these two couples draw from their personal lives to explore and debate questions of representation, the nature of companionship and whether people of different abilities can ever connect with each other on equal terms.
Twitter: @ahuritheatre

Suvendrini Lena
Suvendrini is a Neurologist working at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health and the Center for Headache at WCH. Her first play, the Enchanted Loom is in development at Cahoots Theatre where she is a member of the 2014/2015 Playwright Hothouse. In residency at The Theatre Centre she is co-teaching ‘Staging Medicine’ a theatre course for post graduate medical residents, with Colleen Murphy. She is also developing new work on the emergence and experience of ‘schizophrenia’ using archival material from the Queen Street ‘Asylum’ dating back to 1850.

Come early on December 17th and enjoy our Third Thursday – Cinq à Sept and stay later for our Holiday Party!!

Ian Kamau (not showing)
Ian is a Toronto-based hip hop and spoken word artist. In Residency Ian will plunge into an exploration of mental illness, told through the story of his grandmother Nora Elutha Rogers. Ian confronts his own struggle with depression as a catalyst to learning more about his family’s struggle with mental illness.
Twitter: @iankamau

Residency is generously supported by:

BMO Financial Group