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TAOS (The Art of Storytelling)

RISER Toronto 2022

Produced by Creative Mafia Arts
Presented as part of Why Not Theatre’s RISER Toronto

TAOS (The Art of Storytelling) is an artistic offering that is rooted in the ancestral theatre tradition, inspired by stories and teachings from the Mayan Popol Vuh. A theatrical journey through cultures, time and space, combining music, poetry, oral storytelling, dance, ritual, and performed in three languages: English, Spanish, Maya (K’iche). A retelling of who we are by connecting to our ancestral voices, cosmic energy, and to the land. A timely story for anyone who has been digging deep to find their roots. For the children of the grey, los mestizxs, mixed bloods, hijxs de la diáspora. TAOS infuses Indigenous traditions with current cultural aesthetics bringing the audience on a theatrical journey through allegory and myth.

Performance Warning: this show features smudging and the burning of sacred medicines: sage, tobacco, cedar, sweetgrass, copal, and palo santo (throughout the performance)


Lead Creator/Performer/Producer: B’atz’ Recinos
Director/Dramaturge: Anita La Selva
Producer: Maria Paula Carreño M
Choreographer, performer: Lilia León
Maya Elder: Lajuj Iq’ (Bartolo Alvarez)
Stage Manager: Jessica Zepeda
Lighting Designer: Sebastian Marziali
Scenographer: Rowell Soller
Musical Director/Band: Y Josephine
Band/Performer: Giovanna Galuppo & Anita Graciano
Guest musicians:Pedro, Lwin & Yaxun Mateo


For RISER Toronto 2022
Production Manager: Crystal Lee
Associate Production Manager: Carlos I. Varela Serra
Publicist: Damien Nelson
Producer: Tom Arthur Davis
Assistant Producer: Matthew Eger

TAOS (The Art of Storytelling) is presented as part of RISER Toronto, a collaborative producing model created by Why Not Theatre with the generous support of RBC Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Government of Canada.

From April 29,
to May 8, 2022

Tickets are Pay What You Can Afford ($5, $25, $50, $75)


BMO Incubator

Performance Dates

Friday, April 29 – 7pm (preview)*
Saturday, April 30 – 7pm*
Sunday, May 1 – 2pm*
Tuesday, May 3 – 7pm*
Wednesday, May 4 – 7pm*
Thursday, May 5 – 7pm*
Friday, May 6 – 7pm*
Saturday, May 7 – 7pm*
Sunday, May 8 – 2pm*

* Includes post-show talkback

This performance is