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On July 24, 2016

Tickets are FREE & accessible venue


Cafe, The Theatre Centre

Performance Dates

Sunday, July 24th from 5-7PM

Teens’ Gala in 6ix

Presented by The Theatre Centre in Collaboration with Mammalian Diving Reflex

Our Teens In Residence, a youth program developed in collaboration with Mammalian Diving Reflex, invite you to their Teen’s Gala in the 6ix event. Seventeen youths from across the GTA area will have surprising games and unusual situations for a new dining experience!

Since November 2015, the teens watched many diverse performances at The Theatre Centre, where they had direct private engagements with directors and cast members from each show, making them hungry for a more personal creative collaboration! Based on recipes inspired by personal stories and memories, the teens presents a night of fun (but daring) games and a mouth-watering feast!

Join us on Sunday evening, the 24th to play ‘spin the meal’ and savour delicious bites!

The Teens In Residence are: Fadomo M. Heneke, Claudia Howard, Jocelyn Ye, Nanthiya Nanthakumar, Jordan Marshall, Steven Giang, Janice Ng, Amanda Foulds, Thipashini Bala, Kajian Pulenthirasingam, Stefany Donis, Akeesan Jeeva, Shada Mahdi, Sharay Dennis, Shirwa Ali, Areesh Ahmed, Ariadne Cabon, and Lasasha Nesbeth.

Special thanks to Althea Balmes, Heidi Cho, and Sharon Hart!

To find more about the Teens In Residence Program, click here.