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Terra Firma Festival

Produced by Yoan Mastagarkov and Olivia Seward

ter·ra fir·ma | /ˌterə ˈfərmə/

noun | dry land; the ground as distinct from the sea or air.

Through the two past years, we have all had to redefine what our solid ground is. The Terra Firma Festival will examine, and delve into, the renegotiation of our interpersonal and ecological roots.

The Terra Firma Festival is a platform for students at The Creative School to expand, connect, and refine their multidisciplinary skills; then present their work to the arts industry and broader community.

An arts hub for creators and innovators within the creative school, Terra Firma festival encourages students to explore their creatives ventures, ideas, and projects that embrace themes of new roots and growth in a distinct period of change. Featuring the work of artists within the creative school, Terra Firma fosters and supports a new generation of creators and artists as they practice their work with the support of their community.

Note: Accessibility guides are available as well as sensory and content warnings for each show within the festival.


Presented by the Creative School, the Society of the Creative School, and Toronto Metropolitan University
Produced by Yoan Mastagarkov and Olivia Seward

From May 19, 2022
to May 21, 2022

Tickets are pay-what-you-can


BMO Incubator

Performance Dates

Thursday, May 19 – 12:30pm
Thursday, May 19 – 5:30pm
Friday, May 20 – 12:30pm
Friday, May 20 – 5:30pm
Saturday, May 21 – 12:30pm
Saturday, May 21 – 5:30pm

Masks and proof of vaccination are required.

Ian stands sideways as he closes his eyes. Ian is a Black man with a cropped beard and shaved, black hair. He is a wearing black sweater.
April 25, 2023
The Theatre Centre is thrilled to announce Loss by Ian Kamau, featuring poems by his father, writer & filmmaker Roger McTair, music composed by Bruce A. Russell, Kamau, and Njo Kong Kie, video by award-winning filmmaker Tiffany Hsuing, and environmental design by acclaimed installation artist Javid Jah.
Akash smiles as she scrapes icing from the mixer. White brick wall is filled with cooking gear in our tiny café kitchen.
April 12, 2023
Please join us in welcoming Akash Swar as The Theatre Centre Café's new baker-in-residence! Akash's beautiful pastries are available at our café right now, and we are so happy to welcome her to the team.
November 11, 2022
Developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre, Broken Shapes is a collaborative hybrid performance constructed of visual installations, videos, and performance. We connected with co-creators Rimah Jabr and Dareen Abbas during rehearsal to talk about notions of space, blurred lines between grief and healing, and the process of bringing Broken Shapes to fruition.