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The Movements

Co-presented by SummerWorks Performance Festival and The Theatre Centre

The Movements is a high-octane theatre/dance spectacular, and the economics class you never had in school. It’s a show about the global economy in the form of a precisely choreographed 90-minute workout routine. Accompanied by a soaring musical score and multi-layered video design, four (4) performers exhaust themselves, as they convert statistics into aerobic movement before your eyes. Covering everything from GDP and the WHO, to wealth inequality and inflation, The Movements examines the mind-boggling complexity of these hot topics in a way that is accessible and endlessly engaging.

About SummerWorks Performance Festival

In response to the current zeitgeist, the 2024 SummerWorks Performance Festival presents 11 days of bold creative expressions from a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences, that engage with the idea of survival, in both subtle and blunt ways, with nuanced complexity. 

With over 40+ events and activities, all curated and designed around the idea of gathering together in public space, this year’s Festival offers you a moment to pause and reflect, to dive into the energy and chaos, and to witness dynamic live performances by independent artists from across Canada, and around the world. 

We invite you to join us this summer, for an inspiring, thought-provoking, and magical SummerWorks experience.

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Photo features performer Stewart Legere on an exercise machine as part of the performance.
Photo by James MacLean
Photo features a performer with arms outstretched inbetween two treadmills.
Photo by James MacLean


Ursula Calder, Performer
Stewart Legere, Performer/Composer
Jessica Lewis, Lightings Design/Audio Technician
Christian Ludwig Hansen, Video Design/Operator
Alex McLean, Director/Lead Writer
Faly Mevamanana, Performer
Liliona Quarmyne, Performer/Choreographer
Sophie Schade, Producer

August 7, 2024
to August 9, 2024

Tickets are


Franco Boni Theatre

Performance Dates

Wednesday, August 7 – 8:00pm
Thursday, August 8 – 8:00pm
Friday, August 9 – 5:00pm

This performance is 90 minutes with no intermission